In some subcultures this might be a brag. I don't think its a brag, but its funny.

Mr W ( 10m) and I went shopping this week at the grocery store. The cupboard and fridge were empty and even the mice were complaining of not having any crumbs.

So, at checkout the cart was FULL. $400 full.

While I was busy unloading the cart, Mr W was examining the offerings of candy and tabloids from his perch in the cart seat. He grabbed a few things to look over and when he seemed done, I would take them from him and put them back.

The Altoids boxes fascinated him the most and we repeatedly played take-remove-put back until he seemed satiated with the Altoids and just sat quietly in his seat until I was done.

We arrived home and I put him on the floor so I could go outside and get the groceries.

When I came back, he was swinging an Altoids box and giving his campaign speech (DAHADHA! DafCHUCKAWAYAYY! ) , smiling at me. shocked

I was shocked. I took the box from him, "You little Hoodlum! You stole that!!"

He laughed right back at me.

I got more groceries and when I came back, he had ANOTHER BOX!!! shocked

He had not moved from where I left him.

I unzipped his jacket - and there was one more box inside of it!!!

He stole THREE Altoids boxes!!

This morning I caught him taking my wife's stuff from her nightstand to put it in her laptop case - her lip gloss, keys, and phone.. LOL. Had I not seen it, we would have been looking hard for her keys.