I love reading this thread.

Here's my latest awe moment from DS5.
Last week out of the blue he discovered a "math rule". He told me that 2 times a number + 3 times a number is always 5 times the same number. He proceed to do this all the way up to around 10 to fully test his rule. I then took the opportunity to show him how to write 2x + 3x = 5x. He was in heaven. I was truly amazed that he was able to not only see a math pattern but also to define what he considered to be a math rule. No wonder 1st grade math is not cutting it.

As far as my DD4 this is just a quickie on her art talent. She has been amazing me with her art work lately. She has moved from flower and hearts galore to detailed buildings and abstract colorful patterns. My refrigerator is covered.

And just because I don't want to leave out DS2- I can do a brag on his ability to make his own track designs with the Geotracks. He is train obsessed and spends hours each day playing independently with these trains.

Thanks for letting me share.