How exciting, what a great compliment!

Well I wanted to share something from this morning, because it is way to wierd to share with coworkers. I will get the weird stare. Anyhow, this is typical DS4. He does lots of thinking while I drive and wants to engage in interesting conversations. So this morning he said to me "3x4+1 equals a bakers dozen, right?" and I agreed, then he quickly said "or you could also say 4x2+5 equals a bakers dozen" Then he proceeded to go through addition problems in Spanish for fun, and then moved onto roman numerals. And THEN decided to do "Spanish Roman Numerals" I had no idea what he was talking about until he started saying "ixx = 19" only he said all the letters and numbers in spanish. The stuff that comes out of his mouth floors me. I swear he learns things while he is sleeping.