our DD5 started gymnastics 3 weeks ago and was finding it a little easy, when she walked in they "noticed her" because of her body shape, the following week they said they had * her whatever that meant, I spoke with the coach last week about her complaining it was a little easy and I didnt want her to get bored and not want to attend anymore, he suggested we bring her to the class the following day and if the coach and her thought it was a better class for her then we could bring her on that day instead. We did as he suggested and she attended, had a great time and enjoyed it immensely. She was staying in that class! When we left I got talking to one of the mums, her daughter has been doing Gymnastics for 3 years and apparently unbeknown to us the class our DD is now attending is for children who have tried out and been selected out of hundreds of children for the program. She has no clue as to all this but we were a little proud of her, she is having fun and learning something new at the same time. It's always more accepted to brag about sporting achievements but to add that on top of already doing well academically well that just seems to be too much for some people, so glad we can share here.