Not to go on and on about dd2.5 but she did this thing the other day that I was really amazed by - Nutcracker practice has started at my son's dance school and she was running down the hall and called out 'I hear the Nutcracker!' - I hadn't heard it yet, they had just turned on the music and only the first few notes had been played. I thought it was pretty cool, and I said something to a mother who had heard her also - just like 'Wow, that's cool'. She said 'Oh, that's normal if you grow up in a dance studio'.
Honestly dd is really enthralled by the Nutcracker and watched the dvd of last year's performance even in July - so I guess we have been hot-housing her with Tchaikovsky wink. I figured ok, I shouldn't have said anything (duh!).
Later that same day she was playing outside one of the studios (door closed so I am pretty sure she couldn't have seen what was going on) and said 'Oh, here comes the Rat!' - I looked into the practice studio window and they were playing the dvd to get the choreography down, and sure enough the Rat king had just come on the stage.
Anyway, I guess if the first thing wasn't that amazing at least the second thing was 'curious'. I am excited but I guess I mostly just need to share with you guys! Thanks for being here smile

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