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I thought of another cute one. My friends and I got into a habit of spelling everything we don't want our little ones to know. I do this with my husband and my mom too. One time I was in the car with my mom, DD5 (4 at the time) ,and DD4 (3 at the time) And I started spelling to my mom the plans of the day. My mom asked me to repeat what I just spelled because she didn't catch it all and my DD5(who was 4) piped up and said Grandma, mom said " we are going to the mall first, having lunch and if the kids are real good after shopping we will get some ice cream"

When my son was 2 1/2, we found that the secret messages my husband and I were spelling out to each other were no longer secret. When my son had just turned four we could pick up a book he hadn't read before and spell out all the words and he could quickly and easily identify them. His cousin, seven years older than my son and also very bright, watched him do this and was surprised that my son was getting the harder words faster than he could. At age 5, older kids in his acting class would try to find words that he couldn't get, usually science related words, but he always got those because his favorite book to read at that time was a science encyclopedia.

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