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When he was four, we were waiting in a long line at the bank one day, and to keep him happy, I handed him a bunch of the bank's pamphlets about their services. One of them had to do with the bank's commitment to keeping its customers' personal information confidential, and had a photo on the front of a woman locking up a huge safe. He looked at it for a while and said he'd like to see this safe, where was it? I explained that there wasn't really a safe exactly like that particular one, but that they were trying to get across to people how seriously they took their privacy concerns. He said, "Oh, you mean it's a metaphor?"

Wow! Many adults do not know what a metaphor is. Amazing kiddo!

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We haven't had any of the kids tested (so I may be deluding myself that I have any business being here in the first place)...

Um. Just had to go find the above quote in another thread...tee hee

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