most of my stories of DS4 are just cute and funny stories...or at least that come to mind...but he is pretty funny.

He likes to play a game called "scrambled up word" which he made up himself. He writes out on his board "rsreae dabro" Which was eraser board. He is pretty good. The "board" part was the funniest because after writing the first word out all mixed up (he scrambles them in his head and writes them out pretty quick) he turned to me and was about to whisper and ask me "how do you spell board?" but I stopped him before he said the word and told him to ask his dad. So I hear him upstairs say "no not that kind of board with an e...the board with an a" and then I hear him coming down the stairs whispering to himself "b-o-a-r-d" over and over. How funny. So smart but still just a little 4 yo.

And my DD(16mo) is starting to talk more. It is really neat to see. My DS said a couple hundred words at her to see her start to communicate more with us is great. She is developing her own personality and is just so awesome. And I LOVE watching them both together. They can play forever chasing eachother around.