Sleeping through the night? Woo hoo! Break out the champagne! (That's what we'll do, I bet.)

I love reading about everyone's kids!

My small brag from this weekend is our 22 m.o. DD has a cold and she played Doctor /Nurse /Parent to her stuffed kitty. She looked intently into its eyes and said, "Do you need some medicine, Kitty?" in the most tender and endearing voice, then waited earnestly for a reply. She went on to go through my Pediatric Medicine box and use all its contents on the Kitty - ear thermometer, motrin, gas medicine, Vics Vapo Rub (she can say that), nasal aspirator, nail clippers, an eye dropper and hair brush. I'm not sure if that's gifted, but it sure was cute and I didn't realize she knew what all those things did.

She also used a mini screwdriver to take the plate off the back of a toy. She is constantly saying "It's broken," "It's not working," or "It needs batteries," so it was funny she could finally change batteries herself.

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