Thanks for the thread. I have a couple of stories from today. First, since I am new to this idea of my DD(26 months) being termed as HG+ and the characteristics that come with the term, I figured I would buy her some board games. Nothing fancy and as I began looking at the pre-school ones I realized that DD already does the stuff that the games are suppose to teach her, so I bought a memory game and laid it out on the floor for her, explaining how the game works since she has never done a memory game before. It did not take her anytime to A. understand it and B. win the game. We always knew she had a memory but I was a little shocked at how quickly she remembered where all the pieces were after flipping them over once.

The other story is one that just made me laugh today. I am a graduate of U Texas so we watch our longhorns and over the last week she asked to watch the longhorns. I explained that she had to wait until Saturday, so last night I asked her if she knew what tomorrow was .. she thought about it and said Wednesday with a smile. (Wishful thinking since she dances on Wed.) I said no it is Saturday, longhorn game. So this morning we went to breakfast and she was sitting in a highchair with her hands hidden she asked her Grandmother and me what today was and when we ask what? she showed her hands, both with hookem signs and said "longhorns, hookem! It is football time!" It was so cute.