This is a fun thread, great stories!

The things I can remember right now seem weird and offbeat; but here are a couple stories-
We were at a pool and a man came over and asked ds8 about a toy he was playing with, a pretty cool rubber 'toypedo'. I could see this from across the pool. I asked what happened and ds said, "Oh, he asked about my toy, he asked where I got it, I think he thought it was his. But I explained I'd had it for several years and I think he saw it was older than his. He said he is looking for one like it, if I see it." I didn't think much more about it, but later saw my son speaking with the man again.
Turns out ds found another boy playing with the man's toy and explained to the boy that the man was looking for it. He got the toy back and delivered it to the man who was pretty surprised; he asked ds a bit about it, and the look on the man's face was just priceless. Anyway, I was proud he was able to assert himself and feel comfortable speaking with this guy and the other boy.
DD2.5 used to insist on my reading the R. Scary books over and over, and of course still really likes them. She has one huge one where around 1 year old she LOOOOOOVED flipping through the pages and finding the little bug that the author had hidden on every page (goldbug). By about 13 mos. or so she had the book basically memorized, she could find this bug anywhere, on every page without fail, faster than I could. She wanted to find that bug and she meant business!

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