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Anyway, there she was, singing "Twinka, twinka, litta STAH..." to no one in particular and showing no signs of going back to sleep anytime soon.

DH and I formed a circle around her so she couldn't tumble off the bed, and we just lay there listening to her as she went through her songs. When she finished, she smiled and said "Nigh nigh, Mommy" or something like that and I put her back to bed and everyone went back to sleep.

It was the middle of the night. It was so wonderful. She was just so darling.


That's great!

Our 9m1w son sings to himself right before he goes to sleep. He's been doing this since 3 months.

We were at a high end audio shop when he was 6m old and we were listening to the speakers using Peter Cincotti's "Philadelphia" and when we turned on the good speakers, Mr W broke into a huge grin and starting humming the melody.

When he was 3m old, he smiled continously when he first heard a live piano. When the pianist started "Cast your fates to the wind," he let out a cry of joy and hummed the melody for days. Even today, when I start humming it, he will look up at me and stare at my face, smiling.

He knows and responds to requests in English and Spanish such as "Go get your book" or "go into the kitchen." Since 4m he has shaken his head no when he did not want something. A few weeks ago, my wife was at a neighbor's, and said "Its time to go." and he said, "bye bye!" and waved his arm.

He will go find his book or toy, and then throw it in front of him, crawl or cruise, pick it up, throw it a few feet, then repeat, until he gets where he wants to be with it.

We go to the book store every weekend. Our usual practice is that I will walk around with him in a chest harness looking at books until he gets excited about one. We will then sit down and I will read to him and then he will turn the page when I tell him. He usually gets a huge grin and will look at my lips and then back at the book while I read. Or he gets impatient and will want to flip to the next page!

He is easy to like as well - he smiles all the time at everyone he meets.