We got supplemental sheets for math. DS5.5 has been sick the last few days and I think he's under the impression that he has to do ALL 20 sheets while he's a home smile

At any rate, one sheet is open ended. You pick a number (we encouraged him to pick 36 as opposed to a prime number like he did last time!) and you're supposed to come up with all sorts of ways to get to that number. Like 30 + 6, 40 - 4, 6 x 6, etc. Since he figured out that 6 is a factor of 36, he was thinking through whether or not 3 could be a factor. Unsure of himself, Mom suggested, "well, just go through your 3 times table to see".

DS: "But mommy, I can't go up to 3 times 12!" (smurk)