DD was in student council and awarded PE student of the month (1st grade). Towards the end of the year, I got the call from the principal stating that they wanted to do testing on her and then sit down and discuss next year with the principal, gifted teacher and her current teacher. She did great on testing (COGAT 144, 143, and 132). In MAPs testing she scored 217 for reading and 207 for math. Her math did not grow as much as it did in previous years, but it was because she was pursuing other passions like history (civil war, revolutionary war) and just reading anything she could get her hands on (she read the Little House series twice)

The teachers were amazed by her scores and she will get the opportunity to spend some quality time with the gifted teacher on math next year, she will likely be nominated for the special gifted classroom (top 1% of district) and they are likely to put her 2 best friends in her class next year because they are the closest to peers that she has.

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