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Mana, I smiled when I read your post because I use the exact opposite strategy with my DD. Since we spend about 1/2 of our waking hours in pretend play, I often choose roles where she is in charge of me. I then trouble her with all the stuff that she troubles me with in real life and watch how she tackles that. I find that being in my shoes helps her see the other side.

We did this. The day DW and I played troublemaker students to DD's teacher was hilarious. We had to keep checking with DD to make sure she was enjoying the game, though. Turns out she was playing her role REALLY well, because she sure seemed exasperated to us.

To be honest, I never played like Mana suggests, because that's how we parented in everyday life, so we didn't need to pretend. Plus, it was no fun for us adults AT ALL. If I'm going to role play, I want to play as someone I'm not.