DD (newly 4.5)--after months and months of barely reading anything (just wasn't interested, and we never pressed)--is confidently and fluently reading ANY second grade text and doing the same with many (not all) third grade books as well.

She reads so fluently--very, very adult like. Perfect pausing and intonation. Scans ahead for tricky words. Makes good guesses using phonics and context. Her comprehension and vocabulary clearly outpace her stamina, tracking ability, and decoding skills. The other day she read the word, "quarrel." It was an educated guess. When asked its meaning she said, "another word for fight."

She is also to the point where she can deduce most addition problems save double digits in her head. So, 35 + 7, yes, 35 + 17, not yet. And, she can skip count 1-12 very well (except maybe 8s) and uses the trick to solve addition problems very creatively as well as some multiplication.

She taught herself how to write all the numbers, and I found a scrap of paper that read

2 2 + 4
7 7 + 14
5 6 + 11

She was trying. To be fair, we have only ever done math orally.