I'm new here, and I was given this link for the brag thread in my first post. I'm glad there is a place where I can write about what my daughter does/says without having my parenting critiqued or having people cast doubt. That being said, my daughter (2y9mo) has been interested in the days of the week lately. However, she has come up with her own creative way to try to keep track of the days. Thus, the following conversation last week:

DD: Mommy, is today Tuesday?
Me: No, today is Friday.
DD: Fiveday?
Me: Yes, Friday.
DD: (pause, then frantic) Oh no, Mommy!
Me: What?
DD: Today's Fiveday! Yesterday was Tuesday! We missed ThreeDay and FourDay!
Me: What do you mean ThreeDay and FourDay?
DD: You know...it goes OneDay (Monday), TwosDay (Tuesday), ThreeDay, FourDay, and today is FiveDay!

Just thought it was creative and cute!

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