A head-scratcher and a brag:

DD8 (birthday very recent) was pulled from 2nd grade/gifted pull-outs at public school and homeschooled at a 3rd-grade level for the last 4 mos or so. DW is preparing DD to take a state-wide test they give 3rd graders, primarily to see how she's doing as a teacher. This means practice tests of DW's device have been given... and the results have been pretty shocking. DD missed an average of four questions per test page, for a poor grade overall. DW then reviewed the test with her, and DD knew all the answers. For instance, she'd give her a math problem she missed, and DD would demonstrate it perfectly. The obvious pattern was that DD was working too quickly, and making guesses when she could just take a few more seconds and work out the answers properly, or not reading and following directions correctly.

The brag: DW had a conversation with DD in which she talked about slowing down, reading the questions, following directions, and checking her answers afterwards. DW shared an anecdote of how this strategy helped her in cooking school... she was always the last one done with a test, and the only one with 100%. DD responded, and missed only one question on the entirety of the next test.

The head-scratcher: DD explained why she was rushing... her public school teachers were always telling the kids to hurry through tests. Whoever finished quickly would get 15 minutes of extra recess.