Today was a pretty great day. DD turned 26 months. It was the last day of her speech therapy! After we fixed her tongue tie everything took off and she's all caught up or ahead. They said she actually scored really highly on most areas of the initial test they did. The coordinator and speech therapist were making good-natured jokes about seeing DD on a documentary for child prodigies. Every time the speech therapist came the past two months, she'd always talk about all this stuff that surprised her that DD could do.

Also.. I snuck her into a 45 minute ballet class for 3-5 year olds by slightly, umm, fudging her age last month. I claimed she was a very mature 2, nearly 3. ha. I felt she was really ready for it. It's a very structured class and she follows perfectly. She does cry a little when it's over because she wants to keep dancing. The teacher said the only thing she didn't do right was she'd slightly wander from her "spot" on the floor. I confessed she turned 26 months today and her eyes bugged. heh.

Annnd. She came home and did the 36 pc jigsaw we got her for xmas and that she hadn't touched much. (She just stopped at 25 pc 3 or 4 months ago and didn't finish any until today.) She started trying to draw people in the past month, with faces, eyes, hair, nose, arms, shoes, clothes, etc. So this puzzle had 11 dancing girls on it and she'd point to the spot where a shoe or whatever should be and then go hunting for the correct piece. She also started saying all her colors, so she'd look for that, too.

She's also counting to 20, though she occasionally skips 17 or 18. She mainly counts objects to ten, though and only the stairs that high as we climb them.

This is horribly braggy, but whatever. That's what the UBT is for, right? ;D

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