We are very proud of our girls!!!!

DD8 did very well on her semester grades (all A's) and she was the top AR reader (number of books read) for her grade. Her MAP scores are still more than 2 grade levels ahead and her STAR testing says she is reading at around a 7th grade level. She isn't getting much acceleration for this, even through her GIEP, so this will be something we will need to address again for next semester.

DD7 also got good marks on her report card. I find it very odd how our district marks only what is expected for that quarter instead of what the child can actually do. For instance DD could be marked a "1" which equals mastery of a skill at grade level for counting by 2's to 50, but wouldn't be marked at all for being able to count by 2's to 100 because that skill hasn't been introduced yet. It doesn't matter if the student is capable of mastering that skill or not. DD7's MAP scores are also at least 2 grade levels ahead and she already benchmarked all the Dibels goals for 1st grade back in Kindergarten. Her STAR testing says she is at a mid-year, 3rd grade reading level. We will need to address some possible acceleration for her also for next semester.