HK - that is great, score-wise and attitude-wise!

Dd6 was just officially accepted into the gt program here, at least for the next couple of years, until they re-assess in 3rd grade. I am really relieved since I was anticipating an all out mutiny if that one tiny slice of 'interesting work' was discontinued....

and I was getting very nervous with all the odd signals from the teachers. I sent in 99th percentile scores in K, and the only mention of scores last time I chatted with the gt teacher was 'oh she got 95th percentile on the k-bit, so the scores are fine for the program, we just have to get more achievement data'. WHY would you look at the scores from a 20 minute test instead of a deeper professionally administered test? (I know "why", but really "WHY??").

Anywho, drama over, and she was admitted for both language arts and math. Breathing easy for at least a month or two, right?