This is more of a cute story that's a little hard to tell without modification.

Today my younger son, who just turned one, was out with me without his brother (something we have to do WAY more often). We were passing the museum, and he pointed said "Iwandat [museumname]," and then pointed at the dinosaur poster and roared at it. "Ok, kid, let's go." So we went in, and he carefully roared at each skeleton. He also informed me in idiosyncratic sign language that he is afraid of the... wait for it... 22lb land crocodilian. Not the gigantosaurus, or the T Rex, the 22lb vegetarian crocodilian. And he didn't freak out or cry, he told me in signs wink

He also picked out every dinosaur with an estimated weight around the same as his current weight, and said "baby baby baby" and got all 'cited (including the one he said he was afraid of). It was hilarious.

Thanks for letting me tell the story. When he's older I'm sure I'll get to tell it again, once the bit about him being a chunk ahead on language becomes obscured by time smile

I *am* kinda proud of his language. He doesn't talk anywhere near as often as his brother did at this age, but he uses a lot of regular words, and the little phrases are becoming pretty common. His brother kinda sorta had a speech delay, so it's nice to have this one so distinctly knocking off the official targets!
DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!