Kind of a brag - more of an advocacy success, but it sounds like a brag to other parents' ears.

DD10's private school contacted the public middle she will attend next year for 6th grade and got permission for her to take the 'skip 7' math test at the end of this year so she can go into Algebra I actually at school! Since our district has NO GT program and is on guard against pushy helicopter parents, I really doubted we could do it. She's working on Intro to Algebra now so she will already have done part of the curriculum, but this feels like a good balance between fitting into the institution and learning something new in a classroom.

Since the alternative would be doing all of 6th grade arithmetic in class PLUS all of 7th grade arithmetic as homework next year, and she would have to impress the teacher with her hard work and compliance to be allowed to take the test, this is a triumph and a relief.