What a GREAT idea. I so enjoyed reading the relief in the voices of all the proud parents, to know they are safe here, that I don't even feel the need to post something about my own child. smile Your pride and honesty was enough to give me the strength I was looking for when I came here. The worst thing is not being able to share anything about your child, or worse playing her strengths down to make others feel better, or to make sure the moms don't hate you!

I often come here just to feel normal. To feel like I am not the only one who worries about my PG child. Even sharing with close family members, or my husband even, how hard it can be, everyone rolls their eyes like, "Oh I feel so bad that your child is soo smart."

That is just not the way it is. I find myself feeling alienated and isolated from all the other parents no matter what. I am lucky to have a close friend with a gifted daughter, close to my daughters age but she is moderately gifted, so even though she gets it, I still feel alone.

Ok while I am here I will add my most recent moment:

My daughter just skipped 1st grade and before my daughter was even in her class the 2nd grade teacher was skeptical and I am not sure if she thought we made the best decision. But at our first conference a few weeks ago she was just beaming with how wonderful our daughter was doing. Top of the class in every area. She has kids 2 years older than her and she has won everyone over, even the skeptical teacher smile Very proud of her. She is 6 and teaching herself division and multiplication on the Ipad. Never ceases to amaze me. smile