I haven't written in so long, but my just 3 yr old has started cracking jokes. And writing her (short) name, which was pretty much a shock the first time I saw it. She also walks around a lot making the sounds in words, like "ch-ch-chicken"

Here was her 2nd joke.
Her dad: Do you want me to tickle you? Poke, poke, poke!
Giggling, note there is a polka dot pattern on her pillow
She says: Don't poke me, poke-a-dots!

The other night, I was reading a book with colorful pictures, about different kinds of families (Todd Parr). It has a picture of a fish family where each fish is a different color, and the following page is "All families like hugs." Immediately says the fish family can't hug because they don't have arms. After my initial surprise, I told her fish kiss instead...

Yesterday at a kids' haircut place, I was told I'm in trouble after she informed the stylist she wanted a hair clip on her left side only, pointing to her left side. While she has known left from right for months, it was funny to see the woman's reaction.

She is also very reliable on alive/not alive, like telling me her stuffed animal can't think because he's not alive... and some fuzzy concept of death exists (has started asking a few questions as it has briefly come up a few times).

Probably enough for now! smile

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