My kids just had birthdays.

My five year old is learning Kumon Division workbook using the khan academy method to work out the problem. He is solving 45'/.5=?, and such by drawing "ten-sticks" for 10s and "dots" for ones, and converting the sticks to dots where necessary. I posted a while back that he was watching the youtube Khan video and taking notes on how to do division.

He has the concept of fractions from the book Apple Fraction, so now I'm teaching him the adding decimals and fractions workbook.

He's doing the Kumon #s 1-150 dot to dot which has been awesome for visual digit discrimination. Whoever made that workbook made sure you have to pay close attention. They put numbers like 42 close to the 93 and other similar looking numbers, also clusters like 46, 47, near 84. You have to watch what you're doing with that dot to dot.

My two year old has just started the Kumon tracing workbook and also phonics, formally. She already knows a lot of phonics and a little blending from watching PBS.
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