Perfectionistic DS4 made it through his first day of hockey!! With his SPD, I did not think we would be able to even get him in the gear (cup, shin guards, elbow pad, shoulder pads, scratchy socks, tight skates, heavy helmet with face mask, stiff gloves). And I figured he would fall once, scream hysterically and refuse to try anymore. He thought he would step onto the ice and skate like our hometown hero Sidney Crosby. Not only did he tolerate the gear, but he kept going back out on the ice after every bout of hysterical crying. He wanted to play hockey SO bad.

Now, he never actually stood up on his skates, but at the end he was scooting around on his knees and shooting at the net. He left with a smile on his face. May seem like a small victory, but it is huge for him!!
Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. — L.M. Montgomery