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Last year (April 2011) EJ was reading Biscuit books. Last year, kindergarten, he started in guided reading level "d" and finished on "j". This year, in first grade, he was assessed at a level "n". I think his reading is starting to catch up with his math!

Yay for advanced reading! I'm really curious where ds will fall on his reading eval - we do the letter system here also.

OK, I've joined this board for my ds who has the "classic" gifted signs : very eary reader /mathy-sciency /incessant questioning.

But my dd2.5 blew me away yesterday, after coming to me with a "peanut butter" face, I told her she needed to go get a napkin and wipe her hands and face (but we were out of napkins in the usual place). So, I told her she needed to get into the drawer in the table on the left to get a napkin ...and she
understood this and did it!

I could see her computing the instructions. My ds was late with this type of multi-direction following, so it's fun yo see dd excel in her own way!