This is a true, unadulterated brag.

I took my three year old to a store that sells swtiches and capacitors and stuff. You know the type, shelves full of dusty. narrow boxes with labels like "mystery logic" and "broken stuff with parts." We went to get a magnet and some lightbulbs (because I, acting like Red Green or somewho, blew his with a bigger battery).

DH and the younger one were a little worried about us when we got back out the door 1.5 hours later. I honestly had no idea we'd been in there so long.

My three year old enjoys spending 1.5 hours compairing switches, examining miniature drill bits, and trying to find an excuse for buying engine parts. (He is going to build a viking ship with a triangular sail, electric motor, and fighters on it, apparently... next year when he's an adult)

He's... just... so... awesome.

Edited to add: So is the store; the clerk understood every word he said. That never happens. They talked about the Mars rover, and the viking ship, and building a marble sorter out of cardboard.

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