The literacy brags are interesting. DS7 seems to be advancing fairly steadily in his reading tastes, but it's hard to tell how much his reading skills themselves are advancing because he reads so much squirreled away in his room and doesn't like to read with me so much any more. Giving him a laptop with access to helped to make him more independent. Right now he's reading "Footfall", "Startide Rising", the "Wrinkle In Time" series, and a smattering of science-related stuff including his Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines. He looooves THGTTG.

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DS 3.8 was curled up on the couch with Harry Potter 1 last night. After spending thirty minutes with his nose in the book he said " this is a great book"! He read a couple of pages out loud without missing any words!

That's pretty good accuracy. IIRC DS7 played fast and loose with articles and prepositions around that age, especially when reading fast.

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The day my lo turned 20 months she put her first 4 pc jigsaw puzzle together. For a straight week she had me helping her 15-30 times a day. She worked so hard! She'll be 21 months in a few days and she can do her 4 pc, 6pc, and 9 pc jigsaws without help- and 12 pc ones with a little help. She is getting good at figuring out her 24 pc with my help, too. *proud* wink

She might like this rainforest 48-piece puzzle. It's got a neat layout with well-defined regions. For some reason both of my sons started with the blue butterfly when doing it the first time.
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