I told you the other day my girl read "easy" on a sign and then said "ee-ee-ss-ss" acting  like she was doing the phonics on it.  Yesterday she pointed to an O & S and called them by name then blended the sounds correctly and said the "os" sound.  That wasn't the word.  The word was lots on the Big Lots shopping cart handle, but she blended the two letters that she named.  That's new.  
Almost 2. Sings along with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song. Gets is mostly right.  Also sings with the big numbers song on YouTube and often knows what numbers coming next (sings ahead). 1-100. Is not potty trained but has pretended in a lot of different ways.  The latest is that she's potty training her doll, complete with grunts & "are you done yet"?  

She's taking full advantage of her brothers hand-me-down education.  She's learning so much before I get around to teaching her, but she has a lot of stuff in the house that Wyatt had to wait for, including an older sibling.  

Wyatt read a list of picture books long enough to almost fill a notebook page over the summer.  I wrote them down with dates because I was proud.  
Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar