I'm very new to this forum, and I'm going to purge what I haven't been able to say to anyone! This has been an awesome ride, albeit a daunting one.

My kid is amazing! He's 6-years-old and has finished his first year of school- First grade. He taught himself to read at age 3, so reading wasn't an issue for school. He'd never seen any type of math anything, but by October had mastered the first grade curriculum having never attended kindergarten. By the end of the year, his teacher had him working third grade math sheets. He'll be starting his second year of school in September- Third grade. He'll be 6-years-old.

We started the testing process because he was having attention problems, and monopolizing all of his teacher's time with his compulsive talking in preschool. They recommended he be tested, as well as move on to first grade because of his reading ability. We had no idea that testing would reveal absolutely nothing...except the fact that we had a profoundly gifted son. Ummm...excuse me? I thought he was being tested because he was a spaz? ;-)

He's been accepted to CTY, and is attending SIG this summer. We're in the process of submitting to DYS now.

What a ride this past year has been!