My daughter's smart.  She knows what she wants.  She has a quick temper.  She's beautiful and very charming.  Sometimes she gives me a genuine "thank you" for something as simple as changing her diaper or getting her dressed.  She's a daredevil.  She scares me when she goes on the big slide.  My brag today is FUNNY.  She sucked on a sweet tangy grapefruit for nearly a minute and a half.  Then she let out a whooping yell of refreshment.   It was the biggest "Woo" yell I've seen.  I was ready to take the pick because I was expecting the lemon pucker face.

She randomly read the word "easy" on a sign.  She said "easy.  ee ee ss ss".  That was the sound of her doing the phonics after it.  My mother in law saw the baby correctly spell cat on the iPhone app. first try.  She has counted to 13 at the most.  She sings "twinkle, twinkle, little star.  
Uh-uh-up .  Like a star.". 

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