That's pretty amazing, Bostonian.

DS4 has started reading silently. I don't remember when DD started doing this, but it seems like a milestone to me. His stamina is also improving, such that he's able to read entire short books at a time (leveled readers in the grade 2-3 range).

DH was asking me how DS learned to read last night (he hadn't had him read aloud to him for a while and was surprised at how far he'd come), and just as with DD, I have to answer that I'm not really sure. We did help him learn to sound out, and he was in a very phonics-rich house and played Starfall, but it's just like with her in that I have no idea whatosever how we went from helping him with "Stop!...Do...not...hop...on...pop!" to "Houndsley and Catina were having a delicious lunch of strawberries and biscuits when the doorbell rang outside." Good lord, the human brain is so bizarre!