- asked me to teach her how to read a clock so that I would get her a watch (analog) (she caught on in about 30 min while she was taking a bath lol)
- DD asked me about odds and evens...she caught on to the concept in about 15 minutes
- we were looking for new puzzles / games and found some neat puzzles of different part of the world...asked her which one she wanted and she chose Africa "because I have never been there"
- she loves geography and wants to constantly discuss how it is warmer near the equator; how when it is day here, it is night in India; that the moon reflects the sunlight; that when we flew from the midwest to FL, we were going south and slightly east
- she also asked me the other day how many stars were on the flag (50)...oh, one for every state. I asked her were she learned that and she said she did not remember...

Many of these conversations happen in the car on the way home from school...I am usually shaking my head and laughing at the same time