Over time I've wanted to teach my son study skills.  He just watched khan academy you tube division video.   He asked for his white board markers and took the phone in there and making use of the pause button he took pretty thorough notes for the 17 minute video.   He put notes for every major point of the video on the board.  I was excited he made all those notes on his own and that he asked for his marker and decided to do it on his own too.  He didn't teach himself division, but he learned how to take good notes already.  I have an idea that's a big part of being able to teach yourself or to learn anything you want.  He's just over 4.5 yrs. old.  and he already made his own notes on a division video.  I guess I couldn't brag so freely about this one without pointing out it's the acquired note-taking skills that I'm bragging about. 
Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar