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we've been tinking we heard "mama" for a couple of days, and I though t I saw waving... Today, DS6mo definitly said "bag" "that," "[olderbro'sname]wandat" (to mean I want that), and waved in a socially apropriate way.

and he got a tooth


That is so cool.

DD3 was in her room playing with her imaginary pet lizard "Geese" (not to be confused with her imaginary ghost friends, Meesum and Geesum.) From across the hall I heard her frantic theatrics as an (imaginary) owl had come and snatched the poor little guy.

Then I heard her say something like, "Geese, if you can answer three of my questions right, I will let you go," in a deep owl voice.

She asked the very clever Geese:

Which states begin with the letter A?
What is 2 plus 2? and
Which planet's rings are made of ice?

I have no idea where she got this idea from, and was floored by how well she formed her questions! Geese was spared.