DD 17 months appears to know her ABCs (or at least most of them.) She signs all of them and has been pointing out a few of them for a few weeks now (the first time she did it was in a picture book. I asked her if she saw the letter "E" anywhere and she got excited and pointed to Elmo's "E" bath rug and towel. When we asked if there was a potty in the picture, she also said "YES!" - crystal clear - and pointed to it with excitement. That was the first and only time she's ever said a word that clearly.)

She learned them from Signing Time and me telling her what they were. She tries to say a few, (B - Bah!) but most of her words are still very hard to understand.

She also showed interest in a semi-complex 6 pc shape sorter the other day and had it mastered by the 2nd day. I think all those puzzles she loves helped.

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