DS2 (5 mos) learned to pull up today. Yesterday I'd have said he had no interest. He also said "mama" really clearly a bunch of times today in what seemed to be a meaningful way (A near stranger and a babysitter picked it out before I did). We shall see if any of it sticks, but quite the day when it was happening.

This is all particularly funny to me because his older brother pulled up at 2 mos (cruising as his main locomotion from 4mos on), and didn't say anything resembling "mama" until he was almost 2. "Elevator" "backhoe loader," and "usually" took serious precedence (grumble).

DS1 (3y) also gets a brag: He was counting a lot today, but always looping from 11 to 8 (11 rhymes with 7, eh?), so I counted out to 20 making little tic marks in groups(we were colouring at the time). And I'm not sure exactly how we ended up there, but he was asking me to show him additions and multiplications on little arrays of circles. Just like me, gotta learn to multiply before you can learn to count! Counting don't make no sence w'out it. Lil Suck. wink Oh! DS2 got two brags, so DS1 gets two, too... After reading a book on evolution DS1 and I planted potatoes, and between those and a comment I made about avocados, he dragged me into a pretty fine-grained explanation of the process of domestication. I was about to say "what 3 yr old knows about ratchets on wheat," but then I thought of one who probably does. Oh well. Still wink

I love my kids. They're gonna make me so proud screwing with people's minds wink

DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!