Cutie Patootie Report
The eighteen month old must know some numbers because I've heard her say several in a row. 4,5,6,7 or 234, different ones different times.   I was surprised the other day when a YouTube video displayed Episode 6 and without context she read the #6.  I thought she was just saying number sounds before that, but  I guess she knows some by their symbol.  Then the other day she was scribbling on her brother's easel and said "three" while she scribbled over a number 3.  Then, just now I was counting pieces for my son while he moved them and I said, 1,2 my daughter said 3.  But she doesn't know amount yet.  I had a few tic tacs in my hand and I told her to "take one" and she said "two" but took three.  She's getting all her # names by watching me & her brother work on place value & carrying/borrowing.   
She's not talking that much yet although I've heard her sing the whole first sentence row row row a boat she usually just says ro-ro-ro-ro..  She'll say "here a go" and hand you stuff and stuff like that.  And when Franklin's bike got run over by an icecream truck on tv she told me "ook.  Bike.  Uh-oh."
Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar