My daughter (just turned 3) is very shy. She has gone mute for as much as an hour in new situations, and usually cries when forced to interact with new people... but in the last 2 weeks she:

Behaved absolutely perfectly at the dentist, accommodating every request without hesitation, and prompting the dentist to say that she's very mature for her age.

Behaved similarly for her doctor's appointment.

Started going to preschool, and didn't cry or go mute once. She looked a little anxious as I was leaving on the first day, but the teacher distracted her. (Thank you, teacher!)

Stood up for herself at the playground, telling a little boy who kept getting in her way that "Actually, I'm going to use the slide now."

She's like a whole new girl. I never knew she had it in her. I'm so proud of her.


Oh, and she started reading familiar words without sounding out every single letter anymore. For most kids I guess that would be a bigger feat. For her, that accomplishment pales in comparison to dealing with her shy nature.

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