Great stuff, everyone! I laughed out loud at "momgos".

This is not a brag, but a deep sigh of relief. DS2 is finally fully talking in fully formed sentences, and his vocabulary seems to be taking off rapidly, or maybe he just had a lot of it already. He still mumbles and is hard to understand for most people, but his pronunciation is improving dramatically too.

This isn't related to giftedness much, but I was happy and a mite proud after his combined tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy last week. As soon as he woke up (fairly quickly at that) he insisted on dressing himself, then walking out to the car. When we arrived at the store to buy ice cream and popsicles, he picked out a ton of different things and insisted on getting each item out of the freezers and putting it into the cart on tiptoe, and even bagged the groceries. laugh Later on he wouldn't take his medicine most of the time, even though he was obviously hurting. I'm liking this new ultratough side of him-- he should get flesh pieces lopped off more often.

He's also taking more of an interest in games and puzzles. When he first started doing puzzles months ago, he did a few of the animal Melissa and Doug ones that were in the 3-5 piece range, and that was about it. We have a fair number of wooden 12 piece jigsaws and up, cube puzzles, etc. but he was never interested in them. At Christmas I looked for a Dumbo puzzle for him, since he loves that movie, but the only decent one I could find was twenty pieces. About two weeks ago he all of a sudden started doing the 12-piece ones, and then the 20 piece Dumbo puzzle, and then started pulling out and doing some wooden 48 piece ones.

He also started doing some Clever Castle puzzles (a Thinkfun solitaire puzzle game), and also started horning in on my backgammon games with DS6. He insisted on rolling the dice for one or the other of us for each game, and then was able to start moving the pieces-- his strategy obviously sucks / is nonexistent, but he's really showing an interest in it.
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