Two from DS6 recently:
1. DS--"Mom, Celcius is kind of like an adult and Farenheit is kind of like a little kid."
Me--"Okay, I give. Why?"
DS--"Because Celcius is like a grown up with long legs that doesn't have to take as many steps to go as far as the little kid with short legs."
He had figured out the relative difference in scale between the two temperature systems smile

2. DS--"Know what's really funny? Counting by 3's. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15... It's a pattern. Get it?"
Me--"You mean that it gets larger by 3 each time?"
DS (exasperated)--"No! It's a pattern of odd, even, odd, even. Get it?"
It actually took me a second to get it, but I did smile