I have some interesting quirky things that have caught me by surprise lately.. DD is 14 months.
When she was 11.5 months I gave her a book to look at in the car seat and didn't want to read parts of it to her (like the picture of a bottle of milk, because she'd want to nurse.) So she started flipping the pges by herself and when she got to milk, she pointed to it and signed milk. After that, she regularly started "reading" all her books. She was already looking through them alone, but now she signs for all the pictures she recognizes. She signed a questioning "airplane" once when a semi truck pulled up next to us when she was in her seat. I thought that was interesting.

She mastered her 3 piece shape knob puzzle by 13 months and is now doing pretty well with an 8 piece knob shape puzzle. The handles are so tiny that she has a hard time manipulating the shapes, but she seems to usually know where they go.
I believe she knows over 70 asl signs now, too. She isn't talking a lot and I'm really happy we got her the Signing Time DVDs, because when we *don't* know what she wants she gets tantrum-y very quickly.

A month or so ago I decided to give her a play wooden dinnerware set. She immediately took the play utensils over to drawer we keep silverware in, got on her tip toes, managed to open the drawer and throw the play utensils over the top of the drawer to get them in. Then she closed the drawer and went on her way. I about died. She has never attempted to put them in any other drawer except the one we keep the utensils in, too.

She also started throwing papers she finds on the floor (a PROBLEM in my messy house lol) in the trash and we showed her how to work the pedal so she doesn't have to touch the lid.
We got her her own cleaning set because she is always trying to sweep the floor, use the dust pan and uses rags to "clean" the floor like she sees daddy doing.