Yes-- we think that we *might* be able to eke out a high school diploma with the current school, but probably only if they are willing to consider full-time dual enrollment after next year, and maybe sooner.

That would put her into the local community college when she's 13, but I really think she's close to being ready. She's had some reassurance this year that being 12 and a high school junior isn't THAT obvious, and that her behavior and maturity are still in the normal range with her academic peers at this point (regular GT 10th-12th graders).

College seems intimidating to her, but I think that she'll find that she's grown up a lot since she was 7 and 8 and tagging along with me in the labs and meetings with grad students and faculty. Her peers wouldn't be 23-26yo grad students, which I'm not sure she 'sees' yet.

Next step is a side-by-side class in a soft discipline like art, history or foreign language so that she can see that she'll be more than able to hold her own and not stand out too much.

It was really amazing how her mental health issues VANISHED within 72 hours of school ending last spring. Watching that happen made DH and I realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with our DD other than a vastly inappropriate academic placement that inists on treating our lovely cheetah (and all of the other cheetahs) like a very capable sheepdog.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.