Hi everyone! Long time, no see!

DD is in a much better place this year, but I credit our awareness and our advocacy efforts in heading off many of the problems that school otherwise seems to be determined to shove her direction... anyway. I digress.

DD, 12, polished off both 10th and 11th grade honors English with a great deal of aplomb and relish. Her 11th grade English teacher announced to her (and me) that one of her writing assignments was "the best she'd ever seen" for the assignment and read it to her typically-aged classmates as a stellar example of innovative and masterful descriptive writing!!

Her algebra II teacher also told me privately that she's at the 95th percentile (and stays there) in that class, too.

Her high school GPA is at 4.4 for fall term, and her cumulative GPA is 4.2 (because of weighting for honors coursework and AP).

We've also really tackled perfectionism issues this year and have a MUCH better handle on those things now; DD is in a much healthier, better place overall. smile Of course, life with a mouthy, quick-witted adolescent girl is far from perfect. We occasionally tell "Katie" (as in Katie Ka-Boom) to "go home now." LOL. But it is so much better than a year ago.
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