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Iucounu, while I understand your frustration, we have had many incidents like this, and I think it's important to encourage kids to look for "the answer the teacher wants." Yes, your son is right, and I would tell him that he is right, but I also would have him write the answer the teacher wants. If you wanted to, he could then write in the margin why the question is confusing. There is so much danger of overthinking and then responding "wrong" to poorly written questions with these kids. It's a life skill to know what is actually being asked and at what level--albeit a depressing one. Now, I would agree that his response IS evidence of a child who is thinking at a higher level and who needs more challenge.

I'm with locounu on this one. I will always encourage my child to give the best possible answer to any given question. For one thing, in later math classes if you make assumptions about information you will get that problem wring. I would not want to teach my child that for now you should assume to know the unstated information but later on you're going to have to do it exactly the opposite later. Also, I believe strongly in not hiding knowledge or ability. I won't tell my child to try to think at a lower level just to get a problem right- his brain just doesn't work that way. Lastly, I remember being in these situations myself as a child and standing my ground (with my mom's support). Sometimes I got the credit, sometimes not- that's life- and that's a lesson I am willing to teach my kid.