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Certainly possible, but IMO, the more likely explanation is that she wants him to think in the same way I described--"What is the answer the teacher wants me to give?" because she knows it will serve him in the education system. She doesn't want him to overcomplicate things or to think outside the box on a question that was intended to be simple.

But he didn't overcomplicate or think outside the box-- he gave the right answer, and the answer key's wrong! I really think a likely explanation with this particular teacher is that she didn't understand his explanation. I don't know what she would have done if she had understood, but I suspect I'll find out soon. :| I love your essay answer.

@ Michaela: I know what you mean. It could seriously complicate things to try to anticipate every notion someone else can have. I think a clear explanation of what you're saying should be enough.
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