re: lucounu's post

I was once given a 0 on a group assignment (and my other group members were also given 0s) based on the comment "This is professional work, not appropriate for class" or some slightly different wording. It was true, we had submitted the idea we'd earlier abandoned for a project where the new idea was produced professionally and successfully. The teacher had marked various things wrong, and we'd provided our explanations and proofs, and things had gone back and forth a few times. When the principle got involved, the teacher came up with this excuse. The principle wound up leaving the 0s, but only counting it towards my overall grade, it was left out of the others' grades. I don't really know why it was left in my overall grade, asside from the fact that I was the group leader, and also the only person in the group who could have been described as a professional in the area. This kind of thing did not do wonders for me socially.

The course was a required Grade 9 credit, and my "professional" status had not gotten me out of taking it. The 0 counted for a significant portion of my mark, and I almost failed (she marked me very harshly on everything else, too, and stated it was due to my "professional" status, even reducing some of my earlier marks.

These kinds of arguments can be dangerous. I still can't figure out what answer the teacher wants unless I spend more time on that than on the course material. I don't have the foggiest notion WHAT to do about it. Except maybe cry.


DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!