sooooo Butter(8) takes Multimedia at her new school. They use garage band, Imovies, etc. Today was only the 2nd time she went and last week she was the youngest kid and only girl, but it obviously lit a FIRE under her because she has been talkingabout it all week!

Anyway, today I go to pick her up and the other kids have left and she is standing by the computer while the teacher is jamming away on his electric guitar...turns out, Butter "composed" some music during class time and the teacher (who also teaches guitar) liked it so much, he felt compelled to get out his guitar! We were discussing it briefly and he asked if myself or my husband were musicians...because apparently he thinks she has some "gift" (HIS WORDS!) in the music dept! I was so excited and happy for her, to hear this! She hasn't really shown a huge interest or talent in music, playing instruments, etc (her sister sings nonstop) sothis is very new and exciting and something that has come totally from her.

I'm so happy for her and I'm hoping she will also ask if he will let her join the guitar class (it's supposed to be for 4th and up)
I get excited when the library lets me know my books are ready for pickup...